"So many thanks for all of your hard work on behalf of Designing Women. I was surprised, after all this time, there are people out there that are still such fans of DW. Really, we are most indebted to you and want you to know how very grateful we are to all of you for your enduring interest and appreciation." ~ Linda Bloodworth-Thomason

The '80s gave us many classic sitcoms, but the brassy and sassy Designing Women was in a class all its own. Writer/creator Linda Bloodworth-Thomason brought together four very specific actresses for the sole purpose of having them chat with each other -- tailoring storylines to drive home points about women's issues and to present a new image for Southerners on television. Each character carried a different "voice" which set the stage for many humorous and often heartwarming debates, complimented by sharp dialogue and the charm and chemistry of the ensemble cast. And though its been over 25 years since it first aired, the series continues to grow in popularity as it touches new generations of viewers.

This is the fourth incarnation of this website -- now officially Designing Women Online. Since the site debuted in 1998 as a tribute to the series, features and layouts have evolved, relationships with the series cast and creators have blossomed, and an incredibly loyal fan base has shared what the show has meant to them.

So if you haven't already, please sign The Designing Women Online Guestbook and enjoy this tribute to the classic -- and classy -- series.


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