Special Edition - September 1995

Cover Story:
Miss GeorgiaLast Winter, Congress got a shot in the arm with the addition of former Georgia beauty queen, Suzanne Sugarbaker. This edition of Women of the House takes an inside look at Representative Sugarbaker's short history in Congress, examines the scandals surrounding her arrival in Washington -- as well as highlighting her accomplishments, and profiles her administrative staff and their own personal political agendas.

The Sugarbaker Team:
Meet the eclectic team from behind the scenes in Miss Sugarbaker's office and home.

The Congresswoman Does Crossfire:
A glance into Representative Sugarbaker's scandalous Washington debut on national television.

Women In Film:
Transcripts of testimonial before committee from the acting industry over the treatment of women in film and on television.

The Ethics Committee Investigation:
Congresswoman Seizmore launches an investigation into the conduct and activities of Sugarbaker and her team.

Dear Diary Entries:
Recovered excerpts from the infamous diary of Suzanne Sugarbaker -- detailing portions of her personal thoughts and activities since arriving in Washington.

Women of the House Magazine is based on fictional characters and events from the 1995 TV series.

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